Monday, April 26, 2010

Prayer requests from Open Arms

The Open Arms Foundation sent the following prayer requests and asked the team to pray for the following as we prepare for our trip to Colombia.

Yilmar and Cristian Giraldo
OAF is trying to obtain visas for these teenage boys to come to school in the United States.  Yilmar is in high school - learning English and would go to school here.  Cristian had an opportunity to come to the States 2 years ago and stayed for a little over a year until his visa ran out.  He is out of school and wants to study in a university here - right now he is volunteering with the boys at the farm.  Pray for favor at the embassy for their visas - continued ability to learn and study their English and that God would continue to grow them into men after His own heart. 

Young women recovering from abuse
A group of girls recently arrived at OAF.  Pray for smooth transitions, soft hearts and patience for the girls as they adjust.  Pray for wisdom and strength for the staff:  that God would continue to give OAF wisdom on how to proceed with the girls and for financial assistance to come in for the girls' home.

Saturday Morning Children's Churches
Located in very poor neighborhoods, please pray that the kids continue to go and in doing so, they come to know the Lord.  Please pray that as a result of knowing the Lord they would remain off the streets, that the youth leaders who help with these churches would continue to grow in their walks with the Lord - and pray against the strong pulls of secular society on their lives.

The Churches (Downtown & Robledo)
Please pray that God would raise up leaders within the Churches.  For both Churches - that more adults would come - especially men.  That those coming to Church would come to know the Lord.  In the Downtown church you can often have a prostitute sitting next to a drug addict next to an abusive parent next to a thief.  It would be great to say all "former....." - but not so - these people are seeking and find they are welcome in the church.  Also, pray for the church leaders as they seek to reach the lost.

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