Monday, July 12, 2010

Three more weeks and $100 to go

The mission team met last night for some food and fun. We also did a bit of packing.

One of the things we've decided to offer the girls at Open Arms is a 'spa day.' We've been fortunate to receive donations from family, friends and workplaces and have stuff to do manicures, pedicures, and facials. We also have make-up bags and purses for the girls (courtesy of Limited Brands).  We got all that stuff into a couple of suitcases and suddenly the trip was very real!

Another thing we'd like to do for the girls is host a baby shower. We're going to spend the next 3 weeks trying to collect baby items: blankets, pacifiers, baby nail clippers, bibs, rattles, etc.  We need at least 12 of each as there are that many 'expecting' moms with OAF right now.

For the boys, we're taking an entire set of soccer uniforms donated by one of the local schools. We're really excited about that donation. We're not sure what else to take for the boys. Someone recommended shoes, and another person said they'd be thrilled with sunglasses. Any ideas?

The last thing we know we want to take with us are school supplies: crayons, scissors, glue sticks, folders, pencils, pens, etc. We'd like to donate those to the Children's Church.

We have a team meeting this Wednesday and all our money is due at that time. I'm within $100 of my goal. The total cost of the trip is $1601 and through some very generous giving, I'm almost there. If you're considering a donation, now's the time! 

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